Easy Easter Decorating Tips

If you’ve got kids who can’t wait for the Easter Bunny to arrive, let them get in on the fun by making simple Easter decorations with items available from your local dollar store. Here are some easy Easter decorating tips!

Spring is in Bloom

One of the quickest ways to bring Easter into your home is through fresh or faux flowers such as white lilies, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and or daisies. They’ll make a great centerpiece or you can create your own by using a selection of flowers, succulents, ceramic bunnies, and assorted sizes of pastel-colored eggs, which you can also place in Easter baskets throughout your home.

Garlands & Wreaths Aren’t Just for Christmas

Smaller children will love making garlands by stringing together colorful plastic eggs, cut-out bunny silhouettes with pom-pom tails, or egg-shaped cut-outs made from a selection of paint chip cards courtesy of your local home improvement store. A rainbow-colored Easter wreath of plastic eggs wrapped with crepe paper and trimmed with a few sprigs of eucalyptus makes your home welcoming.

Keeping it Simple

A small table covered with a pastel table cloth, muted fresh flowers, and ceramic baskets teeming with Easter candy will no doubt please everyone in your family. You can also put treats into a clear glass fishbowl or even a small rustic-style tin bucket. Plastic eggs can also be covered with newspaper or tissue paper and displayed in shallow bowls or open wire baskets.

If you incorporate some of these decorating tips into your home, you’re sure to have an eggcellent Easter that your kids will love!